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    June 22, 2011



    I agree, ditch the stems, albeit a lot of work. How about ice cream?


    I pick a couple of handfuls every morning from my back yard and add them to my cereal. Yumm. Next - we're going to try for mulberry liqueur. Soak in vodka or everclear until done (who knows - maybe 2-3 weeks?). Strain through coffee filters. Make a simple syrup, cool and add to mulberry "juice". I'll let you know how it comes out.
    Thanks for this, by the way. I'm the only person I have known since childhood who eats mulberries!

    The Salty Dogess

    @Alexandra - It's true, many people have not had mulberries, or don't even know what they are! It is a shame, as when you DO have a tree - they are truly plentiful and abundant!

    Florence Carole

    Alexandra - I love mulberries in my cereal. Makes the cereal healthier.

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