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    May 31, 2011


    Emily Leigh

    20 I really love to cook


    12 -- just in the kitchen. :D

    Patricia V

    Ay Caramba - counting the cookbooks is a scary thought - I'll try and ballpark the ones in the kitchen and family room - the ones most often read and used. 55 is probably close. One more would be just fine with me - Thanks for the opportunity.


    Around 30.

    Mal K

    Carefully selected to fill 2 bookcases........there is room for a few more though!


    Not that many cookbooks--around 25. I like to make it up as I go along! But I'd love to add a choice one like this . . . .

    Laura MacDougall

    I will add this book to my wish list - I love salty flavors anyway....and am an avid fan of Salt Traders! As far as how many cookbooks are in my kitchen? approx 30, plus tons of cooking agazines, 5 binders of loose recipes and 2 index card boxes filled.

    don roerker

    Just a carefully selected few. 8


    In the kitchen?? Hmm, 15-20ish. Now in the den...50-60, I have a problem. There, I've admitted it.....


    Hmmm...I haven't counted them lately but I would probably 15.


    I'd say about 15 cookbooks right now :)

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