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    April 12, 2011



    It would have to be India, though France is a close second

    Heidi McConnell

    I have "liked" you on Facebook for quite a while, but whenever I try to follow your twitter it says that that page doesn't exist.

    Heidi McConnell

    There are two places that I would love to visit for food. 1. France & 2. Germany. France edges out Germany by a nose, because I have never been there (I was in Germany as a child, but would love to go back as an adult with a more open mind and better developed palette).

    The Salty Dogess

    I will see if there is problem with the link I posted above for Twitter. In the mean time, try searching for us in twitter - our user name is SALTTRADERS.

    Thanks for reading the Salty Dog's Blog!

    Heidi McConnell

    I figured out the issue with twitter. When I click you link to follow you, it takes me to SaltyDogBlog,and tells me that page doesn't exist. I went to twitter and searched for the same but added the "s" after "Dog" and there you are. Yay...happy dance, I can follow your twitter.


    Instanbul, Turkey...the cuisine is suppose to be phenomenal and you could see two countries within one city! I find that amazing!!

    Marla Zickefoose

    I'm a fan on twitter. I would love to experience some french cuisine! I'm also having a problem with the twitter link!

    Patricia V

    Hmmmmm, Mexico because it's so huge and has so many regions of cuisine or Greece because I've never been and I've heard is amazing in all respects, culinary and otherwise? Decisions, decisions....ok, Greece.


    Poland. I love what I've tried of Eastern European food.


    I like you on Facebook. :D


    Oh, um, everywhere?


    I have been to China once but I would like to go back to try more of their cuisine.You might not now what you are eating but they season so well its good.


    I liked on face Book.


    I followed on twitter.

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