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    March 15, 2011



    This is so awesome! I would serve dark chocolate ice cream on it.


    I think I would go the "hot" route & grill some gulf shrimp served up in lettuce wraps with a Serrano mint sauce!


    That is so cool! I'd sear some white fish and serve with a Spicy Cilantro Cream Sauce, yum!

    Heidi McConnell

    I have already "liked" you on facebook, but I don't know yet how to twit... er... tweet? Anyway, I would use these plates for some of my blog photos, serve lox on them, and in general adore them.


    I would make some thick, amazing guacamole and pile it on the plate.


    I'm a facebook subscriber!

    Patricia V

    What a unique gift! Decisions decisions - I'm liking the idea of dulce de leche ice cream but I also like Katie's idea of some guac along w/veggies to dunk, oh wait, the seafood/shrimp suggestion is also intriguing.


    I would make a crepe and fill it with cheese, sliced mushrooms and onions.


    Why not get more than one and do it all? First I would grill some freshly caught Atlantic cod and serve it with grilled veggies, then I would make chocolate-caramel sorbet.


    I would gaze at it lovingly!


    I just liked you on Facebook!

    Stephanie W

    I would definitely make something with dark chocolate, perhaps some sort of flourless torte. Dark choco and salt? Divine!

    Stephanie W

    I'm a facebook fan too! (Not a new thing- I've loved you guys for years now!!)

    Stephanie W

    Just tweeted a shout out too! Although it was done a little begrudgingly since secretly I don't want anyone else to enter and bring down my chances!

    Stephanie W

    AND I'm a twitter follower! :-) (Can you tell I reeeeallly want this?!)


    Sashimi comes to mind on a chilled plate, or heat it and cook the fish.

    Andrea F.

    I'd like to take some thinly sliced Wagyu beef (rib eye) and "grill" it!


    I would lick it to see what it tasted like.

    Gail Miller

    I'd display it on a plate stand until
    I could make up my mind on what to serve from's a beautiful piece of natural art even if one didn't have an idea for preparing foods on it....although my mind is filled with scrumptuous ideas!


    This is so intriguing! I think I would serve either a caramelized onion cilantro quesadilla on it, grill skirt steak and tilapia on it, or serve espresso sorbet with a drizzle of Creme anglaise on this gorgeous plate!


    I also love you on Facebook and tell everyone about you!


    A big pile of sashimi would be great. I have also heated a salt plate and cooked thin slices of meat. Or chill it at put pats of butter.


    Liked on Facebook

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