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    October 12, 2010



    I recently made a roasted pumpkin, yam, and apple salad served over watercress with cippolini onions and toasted walnuts. The idea of adding vanilla salt into the mix is highly intriguing.


    Hot Chocolate!


    I am a vanilla salt addict!! Some sort of yummy fall corn pudding would be on the menu, definitely!

    Ted and Elaine Bruckner

    Ted and I would make a Butternut Bisque, and fool some in the family who say they do not like squash!!


    Laura MacDougall

    For me it would go with pork chops slow cooked with Cipollini onions, that have been caramelized and sprinkled with a little vanilla salt. Yum! Serve this with sauteed greens and hazelnuts, a nice white wine and a smile.

    Mal Kebbekus

    LOVE Vanilla Salt. Sprinkle on Caramel Apple/Tart Cherry Crisp - YUM. Also wildly good on Butternut Gnocchi with Fried Sage Leaves. Don't you just love Fall?


    I would use Vanilla Salt in a pumpkin soup recipe that I *love*, and make a few times every fall.


    Oatmeal + Celery + Nutmeg + Vanilla Salt = amazing savory/sweet breakfast treat.

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