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    September 28, 2010



    I have two salt bowls on my table, one with himalayan pink salt and the other with hawaiian salt. I would love to put some cornish sea salt in those bowls!


    Just got a new salt pig for the counter -- and it's hungry! Would love to win some Cornish salt.


    I put at least three or four different salts in pinch bowls out on the table.
    Coarse "finishing" salts, fine seasoning salts and sometimes smoked salts. (The latter for giving a bit of smoky flavor to vegetarian foods that would traditionally be flavored with a smoked ham hock or similar meat.)
    At present there are three, Fleur de Sel de Guerande, Cyprus Black Sea Salt flakes and the Peruvian Pink Salt from the Andes.
    My garden is producing a surfeit of tomatoes so today I'm serving a Tuscan bread salad which these salts will enhance.


    I have a beautiful little crystal salt cellar on my table, full of Hawaiian Red Alaea Sea Salt!

    Laura F.

    I have a salt shaker on my table... and i'm ashamed to say it is filled with mortans salt! (the shame!)

    Hannah B

    I have little corked bottles of himalayan pink salt all around my kitchen :) I'd love to mix it up with some other salts!


    I have a shaker with you average rock salt grinder for the table, but in my kitchen I have several salts and a couple of blends for cooking and finishing.

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